Investment Property Finance

  • This would typically be a finance facility to either acquire or refinance a commercial property, whether it be an office , retail shop , shopping centre, factory, warehouse, showroom, bulky goods, petrol station, hotel, motel, pub, caravan park etc.
  • In most cases this will be freehold property, although we are also able to assist with leasehold property.   
  • In the case of an investment property we would seek details of the tenancy and major lease terms to establish the net income being generated and the length of tenure .
  • We would also try to establish the strength , security and stability of the tenant
  • An analysis will be done on the demand for that type of space should the tenant vacate the premises.
  • The transaction would be “risk graded” from a credit perspective.
  • It is of paramount importance that we establish what your requirements are for funding i.e what is important to you?

We don’t make assumptions as every client is unique and different and deserves a tailor made facility.

Once a detailed assessment has been undertaken, we provide you with indicative terms and pricing. Up to this stage there is no cost for you and there is no obligation- you have nothing to lose.