Case Studies


  • Loan Size $5,300,000

A syndicate of unrelated borrowers required a Non Recourse Finance facility to assist in the acquisition of an office building located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We arranged such a facility at a loan to valuation ratio of 60% , with minimal covenants and an attractive interest rate. 

The syndicate’s own bank was not prepared to lend more than 50% of the valuation of the property and in addition even at that level there were a myriad of ongoing covenants that had to be met.


  • INVESTMENT PROPERTY FINANCE- Industrial Warehouse 
  • Loan size $7,500,000

A wealthy family required the cheapest finance available to assist in the acquisition of an Industrial  Warehouse which was leased to a blue chip tenant on a 10 year lease.

Our solution was not only cheaper than the client’s own bank, in which they had a relationship for 20 years, but it was a true “set and forget” facility. This meant there were no ongoing reviews and the client was assured that as long as the interest was paid there could be no variation of the facility or its terms.


  • Loan size $3,500,000

A client required funding for an empty office building in South Melbourne . It was expected that it would take at least 12 months to fully lease up the vacant property.

Our solution was to place a deposit , which was borrowed, with the funder which was drawn upon to meet the monthly interest commitments of the loan facility. There was an agreement that the deposit was released to the client once the property was leased      


  • Loan size $5,100,000

A local businessman, predominantly with business interests overseas, required funding against his house to pursue a new venture overseas. 

Our client found it impossible to satisfy local bank serviceability requirements as the majority of the earnings and cash flow was generated overseas.

We successfully sourced a local funder that was prepared to advance the funds on the basis that their ultimate exit strategy was to sell the property and repay the loan.

The client had to provide proof that they had sought legal advice.

As the borrower was a company this loan did not fall under the National Credit Act.


  • BUSINESS FINANCE- to acquire owner occupied retail shop
  • Loan size $1,600,000

A client had the opportunity to purchase his leased premises from the landlord. By owning the property the retailer would have security of tenure and would not be the subject of ongoing annual rent increases.

Our funding facility enabled our retail client to secure his position in an inner Melbourne retail strip and the annual interest commitment was less than the annual rental.


  • CONSTRUCTION FINANCE- Residential Apartments
  • Loan size – $28,000,000 (peak debt)

Our client wished to retain a few of the apartments as a long term investment, once the project had been completed. The client’s bank required that 100% of the apartments be pre-sold before funding could commence. Naturally this was not in sync with the client’s objectives.

We sourced a construction finance facility to an amount of 80% of cost and the pre-sale requirement was set at 75% of the apartments.

This enabled our client to retain some of the apartments as part of his long term investment strategy


  • TAKE OUT FINANCE- Melbourne CBD residential residual stock
  • Loan size -$ 4,200,000

A developer had 20 unsold apartments remaining at the completion of a major development. They were under pressure from the construction financier, who was charging punitive default interest , to repay the construction loan as the development had been completed.

We arranged a “take out” finance package at a commercial interest rate which was considerably cheaper than the construction financier’s rate.

This enabled the developer to avoid a “fire sale” at depressed prices and facilitated an orderly intelligent progressive sell down at market prices over a 2 year term and thus significantly enhanced the developers overall profit on the project.